Monday, December 15, 2008

The Forming of the Tombs

Of course, I have a post describing each tomb I have covered, but I realized I better describe the history of how this happened. Now, it all began with how they needed to get rid of bodies. so to do that they buried them in the desert, far enough away so they wouldn't interfere with the farming. But one day, perhaps a jackal dug up human remains, they decided to make the tombs a little less vulnerable. They covered the tombs in rocks, dug them deeper, and put people inside coffins. Then they realized that people were decaying inside the tombs. This is were mummification comes in. If they created something that would keep their bodies from decaying, they could survive in the afterlife. I think this is a bunch of crud, but really, who knows? So after they solved that problem ( I have a more detailed post, but it is not really my topic.) they moved on to a more superstructure like kind of tomb. these were called mastabas. Mastabas are really just the bottom of Step Pyramids, they just have doors in them. After that, Imhotep came along and stacked mastabas on top of each other to create the step pyramid. When that was done, the Egyptians got bored of one design when its been out to long so they added blocks to the step pyramid, and gave it the appearance of having smoothly sloping sides. That is tombs 101, thank you for listening, this is Norte signing off. Rofl.

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